Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thing 16

  • Before this course, I knew what networking was (in the business world), but I didn't know there was a things such as social networking. I knew about Facebook and Myspace, but I'm one of those who sees those such sites as the route of all evil. It has actually been highly suggested (aka we've been told) not to have accounts on those sites. Normally, such a "suggestion" would force my inner-teenage to come out and create an account just to be difficult. I once made a facebook account to look up an old flame, but I had a flash-back when I found his page and emediately deleted the account.
  • I absolutely love the idea of using social networking for professional purposes. I got my Master's degree all totally on-line and loved being able to do "school work" at any time of the day or night and I loved working in teams via the internet. Though I'd never made the connection with using it for professional purposes. Duhhhh, Tipton!
  • I absolutely love the idea of PLNs (Personal/Professional Learning Networks), because I like the flexability of being able to "meeting" at any time of the day. Plus, you canpost stuff on the internet and you won't loose it. I am horrible with keeping up with papers, especially when they give them to me in a meeting. I like stuff better on the computer and online. Just easier upkeep and organization.
  • Creating a PLN will be very useful for me. I like connecting with other teachers. I like to take resources that are already made and alter them to work for my classroom situation. There is no reason to recreate the wheel.


  1. I used to abhor the thought of social networks and social networking until I realized how useful it could be for professional purposes. Now I can't see doing my job without it!! Also, your picture makes me smile and think about what a small world it is. That's a presentation by Jenn Dorman aka Cliotech. She's a member of my PLN on Plurk :) She's recently left the classroom to work for Discover Education, but she's still a wealth of great resources.

    Oh, and I'm all about NOT re-creating the wheel, too. Papers? Don't even get me started.

  2. In addition to "easier upkeep and organization" with stuff online, there is a permanence to it that makes the work feel worthwhile. I think of this especially for students. For example, those body biographies of characters done on butcher paper wind up in the garbage can, or the recycle bin if we're feeling eco-friendly. A voicethread, video, slideshow, or heck, even a silly Blabber stay around for good if you want.

  3. Plus, with having the papers electronically, I can cut and paste suspicious portions into google to see if plagiarism is going on. I'm very big on that. I am big on making sure writing across the curriculum is being completed in my classroom. I'll be big on reading across the classroom once I find a book that goes with math. I am also big on making sure students don't plagiarize.