Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Sharing Habbit

I have definitely created a reading habit, but I have also created a sharing habit. Whenever my reader helps me find a gem of an idea to use or that one of my colleagues can use, I share it. I probably email at least one person a day from my reader to share with them a blog or a website or an idea that the reader has found for me. I get a lot of thank yous for doing this, but what I would really like is for someone to actually use one of the things I send them and then let me see the results. A lot of the items I email are the types of sites and programs that as a math teacher I will never get a chance to use. For instance, I sent a student teacher at our school who is teaching about mythology a web version of a Myth and Legend Story Maker. It sounded like she liked the idea, but I haven't heard anything since. I sent our Scope teacher, who I knew was doing some project which involved picture taking and collages a link to Photovisi. Again, found by the reader. I haven't received any negative feedback, but a little more positive feedback would be nice.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thing 8

I played around in the sandbox and created my page. I have also enjoyed looking at the "Burning Questions" Sections. I really enjoy that the "Burning Questions" portion was not specifically defined. For the people who have created their wiki page, we have really come up with a variety of "Burning Questions." Some are probably unanswerable questions, and some are related to current events. I just enjoy the variety.

I've mentioned before that I already have created a wikispace for my class. Recently, I have made it more user-friendly. As I am inviting you to check it out, I'm actually wondering if you can even see it without a password. I didn't make it public due to my students using it and my apprehension of if they would handle using the wiki in a mature fashion. Let me know if you can't see it and I'll find out from Caroline how to change that.