Thursday, February 12, 2009

A School Using Web 2.0

A School Using Web 2.0

A Dream

I think I would be in my own personal dream land if I taught in a school like the one in “A Day in the Life of Web 2.0” by David Warlick. Kids are using technology (something they will need to know how to use in their careers) to help them learn how to communicate (something else they have to learn) about what they are learning in class (math, science, social studies, language arts). I know there are down sides to this. But honestly, how can the cons possibly outweigh the pros?

Kids are always telling us that class is boring no matter how much fun we try to pump into each lesson. Let’s face is…they are growing up in a different time. I was born in 1980, which may or may not be after you were (and that is neither here or there), and since then we have gone from toys that don’t make noise, to toys that make noise, to electronic toys, to cassette tapes, to walkmans, to dicsmans, to i-Pods and MP3s. No wonder we can’t get kids to tune into our lessons…we are boring in comparison. But if we could integrate all of that technology into our lessons, then we would have them on our side. We are always being told that we can only teach the students we have and that we have to meet them where they are. That’s what we have to do.

There’s always a down side!!!

There is always a down side. A classroom/school like the one in “A Day in the Life of Web 2.0” by David Warlick has more than one down side. First of all, to have the technology, you have to have money to buy the technology. As the kids say, “Nuff said!” We are down to our last barrel of ink….we don’t have money for all of this stuff. Then, there is the problem of maintaining the technology when it breaks or needs updating. The teachers would need training not only on the technology itself, but also on how to utilize it as a classroom learning tool. The kids would need training on how to use the technology and then they would need years of examples of when to use each one. The think is…this is what we are headed to, and that is wonderful. I just don’t think anyone dreamed that technology would make it this far and I don’t think anyone is prepared.

I can’t wait until we are ready, though!!!

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Introducing Me

My name is Jessica Anne Tipton. I am a 28 year old teacher at Winder-Barrow Middle School. Though I am certified to teach all subjects, this is my fifth year teaching and over the past five years I have taught 6th physical science, 6th grade math, and now 7th grade math.

I was actually in the Professional Learning meeting when this course was approved and I was ready to approve it the moment I saw it. This past summer I took a one-day course from Caroline and absolutely loved it. I use what I learned in that class almost everyday, though sometimes not in the way I planned. So, when I saw this course, I wanted to be the first to sign up.

I currently am a member of two wikis through our county account:

I am also the creator of three wikis. Some are used more than others and none as much as I had hoped.

I hope to find more uses in the classroom for all of the technology that Caroline has taught and is going to teach me how to use. Plus, a better way to manage them, since a number of my students don't have access to a computer at home and limited access at school.

P. S. - My students say this is me in doggy-form.