Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Alternatives to You Tube

Here is a like to a blog post about alternatives to You Tube, but remember you can always convert the videos if needed.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Thing 23 - The Web 2.0 Experience

I love this course. I think I could take it again and still learn as much as I did the first time. I have actually discussed my frustration of teachers dropping this class with Caroline a number of times. At first, I was embarrassed because I am going to be the only person to finish from my school. Then, I was aggravated because teachers were dropping the course due to "time constraints." We all have a lot going on, but unless you have something come up that you didn't know about...if Caroline could hand in, then others could as well. Caroline rocks!!! She is definitely a teacher, and a fighter who looks into the future. Now, I just feel bad for those who didn't finish the class, because they and their students have missed so much.

I have a hard time picking out my favorite "Thing." Yes, some are more applicable than others, but to me if I put "Things" on my class wiki that my students can use and only a few kids are improved or motivated by those things...then I have done my job.

I hope everyone keeps adding to the Sandbox with their ideas and resources for using these Things in our own classrooms. If we share the load by sharing our ideas, then everyone benefits...especially the students. Keep bloggin!

Think 19 - Podcasting

This was so easy! I did hit a snag or two with my impatience of upload and conversion. I plan on using it for vocabulary, as I did in my podcast. Students can purchase a small and cheap at Wal-Mart and then download the vocab. podcasts. Let's be honest, if they down load it to their regular iPod with all their music...they'll never listen to the vocabulary.

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