Friday, April 3, 2009

Blocking Sites - GRRRRRR!

I thoroughly understand why we have firewalls (or whatever they are called) and why we block websites at school. I also understand why it is easier to put a generic block on specific content, but I feel like I'm surfing the net with a broken leg. There are so many cool web 2.0 things out there that I want to check out and try, but I have started running into a problem. Some of the sites I want to see or tools I want to try out are blocked. How in the world could ScribLink be inappropriate. It's an online whiteboard! Plus, I have never been told who to ask to get a website unblocked. We have all of this technology and can't use it because it is blocked. Why is it blocked? I don't see add along the side of the page. I know some stuff is blocked because it is considered social networking. Wait a minute! Arn't we social networking? Social networking isn't bad; it's what we are teaching students to help prepare them for the new workforce.

Attribution: Picture by Za3tOoOr!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Thing 7 - Strech (Challenge)

Since I am such a fan of both the series of books and the movie, I decided to look up Twilight on Wikipedia. I couldn't find the book, so I then searched the author, Stephanie Meyer. I quite honestly don't use Wikipedia a lot, because it is a wiki, others can alter its contents. Some of the content seemed very irrelevant and also almost like a gossip page. The discussion and the history were swamped with comments and changes. All in all, it's O.K. reading, but if I were writing a report, Wikipedia would not be the first place I would turn. It is probably different with other subjects, maybe more history related. With a topic that would be considered pop culture, I think you will get more opinions than facts.