Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Sharing Habbit

I have definitely created a reading habit, but I have also created a sharing habit. Whenever my reader helps me find a gem of an idea to use or that one of my colleagues can use, I share it. I probably email at least one person a day from my reader to share with them a blog or a website or an idea that the reader has found for me. I get a lot of thank yous for doing this, but what I would really like is for someone to actually use one of the things I send them and then let me see the results. A lot of the items I email are the types of sites and programs that as a math teacher I will never get a chance to use. For instance, I sent a student teacher at our school who is teaching about mythology a web version of a Myth and Legend Story Maker. It sounded like she liked the idea, but I haven't heard anything since. I sent our Scope teacher, who I knew was doing some project which involved picture taking and collages a link to Photovisi. Again, found by the reader. I haven't received any negative feedback, but a little more positive feedback would be nice.


  1. True, but as teachers, sometimes we are creatures of habit and if it doesn't fit into our pre-planned lesson, then we'll just put it off until next time. Also, if the technology isn't accessible, for example if those sites required internet access, that could also be a deterrent. You know, computer lab is booked up, teacher not comfortable with the technology, etc.
    But I think you should continue to pass the nuggets along because the teachers may use them "next time" and that's better than never. Or you could pass along some links to me (I teach LA and Reading) and I'll be happy to get back to you! : )

  2. Warning...I can't get that website to work at school for some reason.

  3. Share away!!! I agree with Sherelle. Just because you don't hear something back about it at that time doesn't mean he/she won't file it away for later use. I've had people take sites that I've shared via Diigo and thank me for sharing it weeks later when they finally used it, so you never know!! Besides, by sharing via your reader, you're creating a culture of sharing that may just lure them into doing the same thing! And what could be negative about that? Nothing!