Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thing 14 - YouTube

I had very little experience with YouTube prior to this class. In fact the only experience I had included two comedy skits. With Mother's Day being this Sunday, I'm embedding "The Mom Song," as my video. I love showing videos in class, or at least short ones. Even as a student, I never liked videos in class. They were always too long and only loosely related to the topic or they were used with substitutes (not a good idea in my opinion). I like the ease of use with Youtube, but seriously get annoyed with it being blocked at school. Don't get me wrong... I understand the reasoning behing it being blocked, but still.

TeacherTube...all I have to say is "What a waste!" Were these two even made by the same people? TeacherTube could be so great, especially because it's not blocked at school. But you can't find ANYTHING on TeacherTube. It's....It's just....ARGGGGG!!! It could be done better.

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