Friday, March 6, 2009

Great Education Blog Idea

I was just wandering around the blogger website and found an area called "Blogger Buzz" at the bottom of my dashboard. That is where I found a link to a site called Plinky. Plinky professes to have a cure for Blogger's Block and I think they are right. But forget the blogger's block for a minute. This would be a great way to use blogs in a language arts classroom. Just think, a teacher could post a writing prompt and the responses to the prompt could come from the students in the form of a "comment" to that post. Plus, this offers an introduction to blogging for students, who them could create theier own blog for class. Hey! That blog could be a wriging portfolio and other students could comment on the work. The ideas are endless.


  1. Students also enjoy writing on the computer much more than in their notebooks. Commenting to a blog post sounds so much more intriguing than writing a journal response in their spiral notebook, like we did in my language arts class this year. Of course, I'm not dissing the "pen and paper" style. It works and many professional writers still do that, but if we're talking about integrating technology not only to engage our kids but also to prepare them for the world they are living in, then why not?

  2. I love the idea!! If you're sparse on computer access, just make the journaling idea scaled to meet your access level. Use "paper/pencil" journaling in between.

  3. I like the PLINKY. I coordinate a community of teen writers, and I know they'll enjoy responding as well as submitting some more exciting prompts.

    As for general classroom use, you really work Writing Process having students do several responses and then (maybe with peers) pick personal bests to develop for publication.