Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another Cool Thing from Flickr

Flickr has toys. Yes, toys! One of them is Phrasr. Basically, you type a sentence or phrase and then Phrasr will give you pictures to go with each word. You choose the picture you want for each word, name your Phrasr, and then publish it. I don't know how to embed the Phrasr into anything yet, but I can give you a like to the one I made.

Jessica's Phrasr
Photo by Sebastià de Caixaforum. Gràcies!


  1. Would you quit going ahead of the class. LOL! We're getting into Flickr SOON. There are oodles of Flickr apps out there and Phrasr is just one of them. Thanks for sharing what you did and I'll have to look into seeing if they have an embed code. Most do and it's easy to embed in a blog post.

  2. I sorry. (pout) I love this stuff. I'm like an addict. It's just so cool. Plus, you taught me how to use a reader and now more cool stuff is flooding into my life. I had 25 cool posts to read tonight.