Monday, February 23, 2009

Thing 3

2009 Student Blogging Challenge

I don't know much about it yet or how I'm even going to use it in my classroom, but I signed up for it anyway. Apparently, there was a 2008 Blogging Challenge created (I think) by a teacher in Tasmania, Australia and the 2009 Blogging Challenge is an extension of that. The 2009 Blogging Challenge connects students and teachers from all over the world. Each teacher has their own blog and then each student can have their own blog or they can use a "class blog," which is basically a blog that multiple students in the class uses.

The Student Blogging Challenge strives to:
  • Connect students from around the world,
  • Give students a network of internet pen pals,
  • Integrate technology into the curriculum
  • Share customs from around the world
  • Discuss curriculum topics and tips,
  • and much, much more.
Each week an "Activity" will be posted. A pre-challenge activity has already been added.

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