Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thing 4

Up To My Eyeballs in Feeds!!!

I've been working on Thing 4 and Thing 5 a little at a time over the past two weeks or so, and boy do I have feeds. This "Thing" is so cool!!! Love it! I get the news I want and not the news I don't want. Since I currently have 25 subscriptions, I'll probably wind up getting rid of some. This is still so neet.

I don't have a "reading habit;" I have a reading addiction and it has almost decimated my previous addiction to World of Warcraft.

1 comment:

  1. 25 feeds? Try 169!! I even weeded some out over the past month, too. Granted I've also picked up the feeds for this class, but still had over 100. I need to trim my reader down, but I always hesitate since I'm afraid I'll miss a great post.